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How 2 Do It

Clear step-by-step worked examples

Our 'How 2 do it' feature contains clear interactive step-by-step worked examples with detailed explanations by Carol Vorderman, which your child can move through at their own pace and revise at any time.

As well as the interactive step through, a printable version is also available for your child to use as revision notes.

How 2 Do It

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The Revision Club Range

Below is our Revision Club range, ideal for revision and practising skills. For more information click on a badge below.

Age 5 - 7 Age 7 - 9 Age 9 - 11
Add & Subtract Numbers to 10 Add & Subtract Mental Maths Add & Subtract with Columns Add & Subtract with Columns Times Tables 10, 100s & 1000s
Division Easy Fractions Short Multiplication & Division
Easy Fractions Decimals Harder Fractions
Long Multiplication Percentages Long Division

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Revision Checker

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Our Revision Checker is designed to help you work out which areas of Arithmetic your child could benefit from revision and practice.

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