Always Learning Summer School

Fun all summer, brilliant next term!

Prevent your child’s maths skills fading over the long summer holidays with one of our fantastic Summer Schools. Buy today and get £5 off, for £9.99 you can keep their maths skills in tip-top shape ready for when school starts again in September.

There's a School for each year of primary, plus a final one for getting kids ready for the big move to secondary school.

Each Summer School includes:

  • Maths skills that an average child would expect to have mastered during the previous School
  • Videos from Carol that help refresh the maths they will be doing
  • Learning games
  • Practice sessions
  • Online marking and reward system

With the ability to repeat the videos and the tasks, kids really can master the skills they need for the year ahead.

Summer Schools are only available to buy until 31st August 2013 so make sure you get in early to get the best value for you and your child.

Our Schools are open until the 30th September.

All children vary in ability so we'd advise you to look at the detail within each School to make sure you choose the package which best suits your child.

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Summer Schools are now closed for 2013!

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