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Times Tables School

"My son is above average ability but has really struggled with his times tables and using your site has made a huge difference. He was keen to learn and enjoyed the sessions."

Mrs Stevens

Times Tables School is aimed at children from age 4 to 12. The fully structured times tables course is a single one-off payment. The course will run until your child has passed our final 'Grand Genius' test which means they have completed the course and mastered their times tables.

Why Times Tables?

Times Tables Grid

Knowing the times tables inside out is essential for being able to move on to most other things in mathematics including division, fractions, decimals, percentages and algebra.

By the end of our times tables package, your child will know all of the times tables from 1x1 to 12x12 automatically. They will also have a deep understanding of the relationships between the numbers.

"Thank you for your help and advice. Matthew very much enjoyed his sessions with The Maths Factor and he has learned his tables well."

Mrs Hancock

Share Carol's Tips and Tricks

Who knows numbers better than Carol? Carol Vorderman will share her hints, tips and tricks for remembering the times tables and point out the helpful patterns you had probably never even noticed were there.

Watch Carol's Explanation

Click Play below, for a detailed explanation from Carol about her Times Tables School.

Only £19.99

one-off purchase

Please note that if you are purchasing the Arithmetic School for your child then you should not purchase Times Tables School for the same child.

Sample Homework

This teaching sequence comes about halfway through the Times Tables School, following work on the 3x and 6x table, to help children identify patterns between these and the 9x table.

They will already have had some lessons on the 9x table by this stage.

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