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Help your child advance by up to 25 months in one year with Carol's maths videos, games, practice and the 30 day challenge.

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Absolutely love Maths Factor! Helped my daughter become a maths whizz. She learnt her times table by year 2 and has such confidence. I was very glad when the platform was also available on ipads!

Victoria Efstathiou

So glad we have signed up. My daughter is bright but lazy and resists any help from me in learning (meant in the nicest way!) so the Maths Factor is ideal as it is short sessions.

The daily practice of the 30 day challenge is also ideal as concepts are getting embedded and her responses are getting much quicker as she is remembering the answers from previous sessions... Thanks to you all for a great product.

Linda Jackson

Proof it works!

93% of parents saw an improvement in their child's maths confidence.*

85% of parents saw an improvement in their child's maths ability within six months.*

* In a survey conducted March 2017

Keeping your child motivated!

With games to inject some fun, leaderboards, a Tower of achievements and even the chance to win real medals in the post, there's something to engage every child.

Girl with her 30 Day Challenge medals and certificate
30 Day Challenge Champion!
Bett 2017 Finalist Education Support Resource for Parents / Home Learning